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Q&A - May 30th

Thursday, May 30th

CSE mentioned that they will continue to update the job listings on their site so if you are interested, keep checking. Also, Andrew has noted that a college degree is not required but is considered a small bonus if you have it so don't let a lack of degree deter you. It was also noted that for only the jobs requiring previous MMO experience are they requiring that. They are looking for fresh faces, even without MMO experience for some of the job listings.

The bigger news is that Update #46 was released with some great concept art so check it out!
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Q&A - May 29th

Wednesday, May 29th

Things have been fairly quiet but the forums are up and running with many, if not all Kickstarter backers on it. Also, CityState announced that they are hiring! So if you are interested in being part of the Camelot Unchained team, check out the job listings.

Q&A - May 16th

Thursday, May 16th

The latest news is regarding "Catching up with Mark Jacobs" which will be a video stream Q&A with Mark Jacobs at MMORPG. Stay tuned for any further information.

Q&A - May 15th

Wednesday, May 15th

There has been some activity stirring within the Kickstarter comments. The latest news is that the user survey is expected next week and the forums should be up and running the week after next. Also, an update is expected today! We will post a link to the update when we see it.

Q&A - May 5th

Sunday, May 5th

I don't have a Q&A today but Mark Jacobs as been around the KS comments section and noted he has been working on some forum items. If you have any questions, use the "Contact me" link on the Kickstarter page.


Pledging continues on for the month of May. If you want to pledge a new tier or add Founder's points, you can do so through Paypal.

Looking for fun? Many of us old time DAoC players have returned to DAoC using the Uthgard freeshard! Saran and Leena (that is us) are on Hibernia while others are on Midgard. I'm sure there are some people hanging out in Albion as well. If you have any questions, just ask in /guild when you join and someone will be able to help you. (All new players are automatically put into a shared starting guild).

Q&A - May 2nd

Thursday, May 2nd

As things are winding down, I am unsure of the status of the Daily Chasing Mark but we will figure that out when we get to that point. Mark, Andrew and the rest of the CSE team are taking a well deserved break after 30 days of non-stop pace. Mark will be "around" answering emails and making sure but we expect things to be quiet over the next week.

Funding Information

  • A heart congratulations from the CSE team to the backers was part of Update #41.
  • Funding will continue for the next 30 days on Paypal so be sure to use it to pledge if you haven't already or if you need to add Founder's points.

Community Information

  • DrunknGod is compiling a list of formal recommendations for Mark Jacobs. If you have some ideas that you think that we as a Backer's community should present to Mark, please contact DrunknGod@gmail.com
  • The Unofficial FAQ is collecting questions to present on the Backer's forums once they go live. If you have a question that you think needs to be asked in the medium to long term range, please email the question to leena4cu@gmail.com. Once we have a few questions, I will link to the question page.
  • Judy of KS comments fame wanted to pass along information that some backers are using FreddysHouse.com forums. Many other backers are on Simply Gaming. You can also be one of the many backers using the KS comments as a chat room :) So choose your poison for the next week or so until the official forums open up.

Q&A - May 1st & earlier


Wednesday, May 1st

We are officially funded! So now is time for stretch goals, the opening of Paypal for other backers and Backer's forums! It feels good. The good news is Mark was able to squeeze in Update 41 last night, introducing gargoyles! As always, races are planned to be voted on later on so it isn't set in stone but a pretty cool idea if you ask me.

Kickstarter Information

Update #42 was released which discusses 2 new tiers that are being released during this last 24 hours. Also, the Update indicates that Founder's points and Founder's exchange will be explained shortly.

The Funding Hour

If you have been hiding under a rock, you may not realize that the $2 million mark is imminent. Watch the CSE studio on Twitch.tv

Watch live video from citystategames on www.twitch.tv

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Tuesday, April 30th

I apologize for being a little late today with the update, read my announcement below.

Attention! Special Announcement

[RESOLVED] Amazon payments appear to be working again after nearly 5 hours of down time and intermittent issues. Mark Jacobs was busy today talk to Kickstarter and Amazon in trying to get the issue resolved. Initially an update on Founder's points and the Founder's exchange was planned, we are unsure if that will be presented today.

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Monday, April 29th

Today, we expect a possible release of the new crafting tier. Mark Jacobs has also indicated that if you are interested in one of the sold out tiers, send him a note and he may be able to work something out with you.


Mark did 2 Interviews, one is a written one with with Ingame.de and the other is an audio interview with GameON/MMORPG.com There is also a reddit "ask me anything" event today at 1pm EDT to 2pm EDT.

New Camelot Unchained Overview Video

This video was just recorded for the Kickstarter page. It provides a good overview of the things we have learned in the past 3 weeks.

Sunday, April 28th

The Mark-A-Thon yesterday was enjoyed by many. As we are in the final days, we expect information to continue flowing. Yesterday, Mark mentioned that he may be considering a crafting tier so we will see if that is added today or not. Otherwise, stay tuned.

Itinerary for today

[Mark Jacobs] Morning all. It will be a busy day today. Michelle will be doing some live stream (no mic) concept painting (Arthurians), we'll be opening the servers again at 12EDT (approximately), I'll be answering some more questions and we're working on a new intro video for CU. BTW, please, don't send me any more questions to answer. I've got almost 700 emails so any that are sent now have no chance to be read by me.

Mark Jacobs Livestream

Mark answered questions he received through e-mail via a LiveStream. We did a transcription as the LiveStream was going. You can view the video below.

Watch live streaming video from cselivestream at livestream.com

Livestream (replay of 12pm EDT Arthurian concept art Livestream)

Q&A - April 27th

Saturday, April 27th

This is the last weekend before the kickstarter ends so we expect to see a variety of information from the Camelot Unchained team. Typically, weekends are slower for funding and backer numbers but we should start to see things pick up a little as we head into the last 5 days of the kickkstarter.

Special Announcement

Apparently CU backers are pretty enthusiastic and resulted in annoying people from a gaming site so Mark Jacobs made the following announcement:
Just got a message from Rock, Paper, Shotgun asking us to tone down the volume on asking them about us. I was in touch with them last week and hoping to talk to them within the next 48 hours. I like RPS so please, you don't need to keep asking them. Also, I know some of you have been awesome in trying to get sites to cover us. We are doing the same so if you guys could please, pretty please, just be a little more circumspect, I'd appreciate it. We still have 4 days to go. :)

Kickstarter Information

Big news today is Mark Jacobs is doing a Mark-a-thon where you can ask any question you want and he is going to answer via video. Saran is transcribing the videos but if you have any questions, visit the Kickstarter page and select "Contact me"

Friday, April 26th

With the update on stealthers late yesterday, Mark Jacobs was up answering questions into the early morning this morning (US time). Today was pretty exciting for those that were actually able to test the very early version of the Camelot Unchained engine, which was opened to up to 120 people with many people around the world reporting positive results. Also, Update #29 provided some reassurances from Mark Jacobs as well as an update to Tim's building demo.

Kickstarter Information

Mark Jacobs made a statement regarding the tech demo/early engine test:
And today, we show off an early engine build that is pure awesomeness. Forget the high bandwidth induced rubber-banding (that's an easy fix), it's something that's already better than that core rendering engine we had when we back at Mythic (before we went to NetImmerse). In a few months, it's going to be so much better and we will be able to do what we said we needed to do, support a ton of people in epic RvR battles. Then, I say we will have another update from Tim that makes the housing stuff well, you'll see the difference yourself. So, in the space of a few hours we show tech that will put us in IT in literally weeks after we fund. And of course, some people are angry. I know all of you want this to happen and probably are getting nervous. All I can say once again is "Don't Panic" and focus on the positive and not the negative for now. Again, we will be in IT in weeks (probably 6) after we fund. Nobody else could say that... And yes, I'm tired, cranky now and well, I'm done whining. :)

Mark also clarified some information regarding the future of the game and testing:
As to getting the game up much earlier, doubtful. I'm sure this will be miscontstrued (not by you, no disrespect intended and you know that) but the important part is testing and iteration on the engine and network architecture early, often and without mercy and not focus quite as much as trying to get the MMO up earlier. This is the way I want to run the development of this MMO. We build the things we need to build first, beat on it with a Smackhammer like game (just call it CtC) or what we showed today and we continue to optimize both the renderer, core server and network usage from the beginning. If we I'm fortunate enough to make CU, I will not repeat the mistakes of the past. We build the damn foundation before the build the house and this time, I'm in a position to say this will happen. Now, in a perfect world we will have some of that stuff you mention up earlier but I expect that we'll iterate with two core pieces of tech (home builder and game) first by giving them to our backers. I want to do the same thing with the crafter part of the game too. When add new races, they will go into CtC to see how they work in the real world and then move on to the next thing. The key is that we will have incredibly solid tech for launch, not because I say so, but because we will have been using/stress testing it with our backers for years in actual games that the backers will get to play early on and for the life of the development I expect. Again, thanks for the praise, appreciate it.

Mark Jacobs made the following statement in regards to stealth:
What it really boils down to for me is that I want people not to think about what they "might have lost" (DAoC/SB/etc. stealth) but the possibilities for this kind of stealth system. That's the key moving forward for this game with this BSC idea or others.
Some of the reaction last night proved why most publishers go for the critical mass kind of game, gearing them to larger audiences and not trying to focus on niche games. It's more than just the profit, it's the fear of taking risks not only because of profit but because of negative reaction.
As MMO gamers, we've all been burnt before but if we react in the same way that most, if not all of us, have criticized other players for reacting (ragequit with an extra big helping of emo), then we are just repeating the same pattern (rinse, wash, repeat anyone?). We have to be able to talk about new ideas, take some chances and always try to be as objective as possible if we want to make CU the game it can be.

Kickstarter Q&A


Q: So it appears that the stealth's only purpose is to get from point A to point B?
MJ: Not true at all

Q: What is the purpose of stealth if it isn't just getting from point A to point B?
MJ: Give it some time to sink in and imagine the possibilities. *If* we follow this path and *if* we implement this properly stealthers will have the or one of the, most interesting gameplay of any class.

Q: Will Veilstalkers and Veilwalkers be a class of their own?
MJ: Each will be their own classes

Q: In your internal discussions with your team, have you discussed a stealth investment line or is that not part of the idea?
MJ: We've been talking about this concept for a while. It opens up so many interesting possibilities for VW but also makes them more vulnerable/alert in the Veil so the whole "Stealth means easy mode" stuff goes away.
Q: Can you technically do the stealth mechanic as you describe?
MJ: I think so. We talked about it here and technically speaking, it is actually easier in some ways. OTOH[on the other hand], to balance this will be challenging but that's why I have all you good people, right? :)

Q: Is the stealth mechanic really just a way of instancing?
MJ: No instancing. You are in the world but just shifted into the veil. It is not instancing in any way. :) BTW. the Veil is going to be used for even more than this. The BSC[Crazy] train has just started...

Q: Will the veil walkers only be able to attack someone outside the veil if attacked by a veil stalker?
MJ: No. The special powers the VW have in the Veil are only good inside the Veil UNLESS a VS tries to attack him. Then the power can flow out of the Veil and attack the VS and those around him. The hunter becomes the hunted who becomes the hunter.

Q: Will stealthers be excluded from normal RvR with this mechanic?
MJ: This brings them back into RvR in a big way, that's the point.

Q: Can a veil walker bring others into the veil to attack them?
MJ: A veil walker cannot rip you into the Veil.

Q: Will stealthers be able to attack while they are stealthed?
MJ: It's more complicated than that but stealthers have to have skills besides just being in the Veil or they would be a waste of effort. They won't however, be able to come out and be instant wins with strong openers, especially stun/mezz/etc.

Q: When do you plan to implement the Veil walkers and Veil stalkers?
MJ: 1) This is just an idea. No decision has been made, not even close to that. 2) Even if we go with these classes, they would come in after archers.

Q: Was this inspired by Lord of the Rings and the ring of power?
MJ: That was one of the things that inspired the idea.

Q: It sounds like the veil walkers may be able to use the veil to sneak into structures and possibly coordinate an attack from the inside?
MJ: As I said, I want to bring them back into RvR :)

Q: Are Veil walkers only useful in a veil storm?
MJ: No, not at all. Veil walkers & Veil stalkers can be used anywhere, anytime.

Q: If veil walkers can walk through our defenses, what is the purpose of building them?
MJ: They can walk through some defenses but that's why you are rewarded for building defense s properly and/or having VS.

Q: It seems in too many games that assassins are an afterthought with no real purpose or impact.
MJ: I agree with most of what you have said which is why I want to spend the time talking about this idea. I don't want a neutered stealther in the game. I want a stealther than adds a lot to it, can stand on its own and is a class that is popular to play.

Q: The stealth mechanic seems to have disadvantages including having a class specifically to hunt them. Isn't there another way?
MJ: That's why I'm bringing this idea up now, b4 the KS ends. I want feedback and I do think we can do something really special with stealthers and the Veil. I know it's a lot to think about but let the idea sink in and just imagine the possibilities. :)

Q: Aren't you just nerfing stealth here and catering to carebears?
MJ: Catering to carebears? Really. Kinda the opposite here. Trying to promote teamwork and still allow stealthers to kill (a lot) and have some awesome abilities in the Veil. If I was catering to CBs, it would be no stealth whatsoever or no long­duration stealth.

Q: It sounds like you are creating two separate worlds but wouldn't that be a strain on the servers?
MJ: as to two worlds, nope, it will be one word, no getting fancy with the instances here. :)

Q: You mentioned CC [crowd control] as being tied to the veil but since Veil walkers/Veil stalkers are a stretch goal, will veil based CC be in from the start?
MJ: As to the Veil being in as a CC from the beginning, it will be if I think it's a better mechanic than traditional CC. In all the years I was running Mythic, I think it is safe to say that we got more complaints about long duration CC than just about anything else. So, my thinking is (VS/VW aside), that a mechanic that allows people to at least move around and maybe do something (they can't affect outside the Veil) might be an interesting one too.

Q: Will the veil be the only game mechanic for CC?
MJ: the Veil could be an alternative not the only way.

Q: There seem to be a variety of complaints/comments about CC but it also seems to be a required mechanic.
MJ: Exactly. I also believe that some of the complaints about longer duration CC (which is needed to deal with zerg breaking) are moderated a bit if the player isn't just standing there, with no ability to move, heal, anything. Thus, if the Veil mechanic works, we could still have the CC we need to zerg bust and not be as frustrating for the player.

Q: How would veil CC be a counter to zerging?
MJ: VeilControl (not the name) would work in the same[as regular cc] way but instead of standing around, you are punted in the Veil (assuming you didn't resist or have it purged, etc.). Why is this worse than standard CC?

Q: With the introduction of stealth, doesn't it seem that you are catering to the masses?
MJ: Kowtowing would be "No damn stealth in this game!!!" or "We can have stealth but it will be neutered, short­duration, etc." How is trying to implement a new mechanic which gives stealthers powers that they don't have in any game I know of, catering to the masses. The darned masses never heard of this idea. :)

Q: It seems like most of the people most worried about stealth are the most supportive.
MJ: Would you believe me if I said I really wasn't that worried about you guys? A little concerned but not really worried. I expected that you guys would see the possibilities in it and at worst, would at least consider how much time I spent on it which would reaffirm your belief that in the worst case, I'd fall back to an older stealth mechanic since I like stealth.

Kickstarter tiers

Q: It appears that there is an error in the Inn tier matrix which says Inn owners get an Inn and a house?
MJ: Well, crap. You're right, there's a mistake in the grid. I've said before in the event of a conflict, I'll honor the grid/tier if that favors the player so Inn owners get a house too.


Q: If there are only 5 classes, it seems like 6-8 man groups would be stagnant.
MJ: Specs + only 5 confirmed. We make a stretch goal +1 and if things go well with development, I'll bring in more. I only said 5 per because I wanted to be cautious. I think we can do more but I won't lie to people to try to get more pledges.

Q: Will there be a pet class?
MJ: Not at launch. Pet classes take up a lot of tris and I don't want to put additional strain on the engine for them. I know that they are popular but FPS comes first especially since we want to have epic battles.

Thursday, April 25th

Update #27 - Stealth ideaoverview was released which ties stealth with game lore. It is an interesting update which I am sure will cause a lot of discussion. Earlier in the day, Michelle did a Concept Art Livestream which is over now, but we will link it again once the video is available.

Kickstarter Information

The reveal of the stealth idea launched a bunch of questions which probably overwhelmed Mark but he did give this comment:
1) Keep in mind, again, that this is just an idea. I want to find a way to bring stealthers into CU because I think that they can play a major role in RvR.
2) Remember the whole "major role in RvR" above. :)
3) The VW vs. VS isn't a mini-game. It's true that they will be focusing on each other but they both also have different skills.

Wednesday, April 24th

We received 2 updates today! The first update was Update #26 - Building update which was just a quick update. The update also showed Michelle Davies' completed Concept Art drawing from the CSE Livestream this past Sunday so check it out. The second update is Update #27 - Lore which describes the fascinating backstory of the game.

Kickstarter Information

Apparently there is some concern about a lot of the recent info focusing on crafting to which Mark provided the following comment:

Without crafters, there are no weapons, armor, buildings, etc. They need(ed) the most time to convince. We have almost done that. Look around at how many people are saying that they will now play crafters or how people are worried about having too many crafters. Three weeks ago people thought I was nuts to do a crafter-only class, that a player-driven economy in a game like this wouldn't work, etc. Now look where we are.

Starting tonight begins the RvR push. Now, I've talked about it a lot in bits and pieces but from now on, at least one update a day from me on RvR.

Selling CU was/is a two step process. It needs both crafters and RvRers in order to succeed. Crafters now know how serious I am about their needs. If I have met/meet them, they will back us. The same is true for RvRers beginning tonight.

There's a reason for the path I've chosen to go down. Is it the right one? Who knows. But I bet if you and most people were being honest, I don't think most people would have thought our building/housing/mining systems were going to be as cool. I also think that most of them would have never thought the whole player-driven economy in an RvR-focused game would have worked either. Finally, we have raised almost 1.4M for a niche sub-based game. I know from reading all the forums that I do that fact also surprised a lot of people who were waiting for epic fail (RvR + sub + limited PvE + MJ) and look at where we are. An incredible community who have supported this game with their money, time and affection. I couldn't be prouder.

Kickstarter Q&A


Q: Will the music be one we will never forget?
A: when we go LIVE, we will have great music even if I have to put in some additional money to make that happen.


Q: If your stealth idea is really crazy, shouldn't you hold back until after funding?
A: That's why I'm bringing it up now. I haven't decided yet but I can communicate with all our backers through the update system and to other people outside our circle. I expect to get lots of cards and letters but *nothing* has been decided yet. I think it is a good idea but I don't know if I want to go down this path.

In some ways this system is less scary for non-stealthers, scary for stealthers and might be seen as "What a rush" by those stealthers who are skilled and don't think that stun/lock and gank squads = great stealther play

Mine is a little more focused on taking a victim out of action for too long, especially when the fight is 2 (or more) on 1. To me, it just feels worse to get killed when I can't fight back at all. Now, I also know we need CC to help fight the zerg, balance out sides, etc. but I want to be careful with stealthers and I want to try something fun and crazy.

My implementation ensures that a solo stealther will be viable and it actively discourages gank squads. I think that if we are going to implement stealthers I must find a way to make them useful in RvR (as you point out) and not just looking for targets of opportunity. Some people think I hate stealth but they forget who put it in DAoC to begin with.

Q: What about stealth archers?
A: Stealth + Bow = PITA[Pain]

Q: Is the stealther idea such that there is a debuff when stealthers are close to eachother?
A: Much more complicated. :)

Q: So is stealth confirmed in the game?
A: Nope. Not confirmed. Feedback, testing, etc. If I put this class into the game they have got to be outstanding.

Tuesday, April 23rd

Good day everyone! We expect to hear some news about some different topics today so it should be interesting. The new Mountain Tier "One Home With A View" is now live and up! With it being limited to 20 and 11 already taken just after it being posted, be sure to be quick to pick it up or the more than likely vacant Living Large Tiers! Details too can be found below of the new Tier. Mark also gave some details regarding a higher value version of the Mountain Tier: "I'm not trying to be ridiculous with this tier[Referring to the "One Home With A View"]. I'll have a more expensive one with 2 homes, 2 plots, 2 forever rewards too"

Andrew shared more with us over at CSE Twitch.tv, showing us the networking coding from Smash-Hammer implemented into the game engine itself. He projects the rest of the Smack-Hammer game to be added in soon, to be opened for backers before the Funding is over. If you missed the live feed, you can find it here.

Kickstarter Information

Mark Jacobs released the Mountain top tier!
With this tier PLEDGE OWNER ONLY receives
  • LIVING LARGE rewards and THESE UPGRADES: a REALM-LOCKED PLOT on top of the ONE Realm’s “border mountains” (part of a SAFE zone)
  • RESERVED NAMING RIGHTS for a guild you start (unless the guild's name is trademarked/copyright by someone else and secondary to buyers of Guild Tiers)
Your mountain top plot will contain enough room for ONE HOUSE ONLY (the LL reward house) and both plot and house designed with the help of CSE and the plot will be reachable only by flier. Because this house will be literally built into the mountain, it cannot be blueprinted. Your plot will remain your property as long as the game is operating, even if the account goes inactive. While we guarantee that you’ll have a plot somewhere in your server of choice (based on when you backed this game), not all plots are created equal. Plot size in this tier is approximately 20% of the size of our “Island” tier. In addition, pledge owner receives THREE DIGITAL COPIES OF THE GAME (redeemable at the HERO LEVEL ONLY). Backers will be contacted based on when they pledged for Camelot Unchained and gave us their contact information. This tier will not be available after release. Estimated delivery of Internal Testing Access: January 2014.

Monday, April 22nd

This is the second to last week of the initial kickstarter funding so let's hope it is a good week with lots of good info coming from the CityState Entertainment folks. Today, "Building a world - Part 2" was released and Mark said that the building updates are done (for the moment). So we should expect some good information about other game elements as well as Mountain top tiers in the next couple days.

Kickstarter Q&A

Q: Even though there will be no under water fighting, will there be fighting in water?
A: Fighting in waist high water is fine. I plan to use it in the design.

Q: Are we going to be able to build under water?
A: Only if you have SCUBA gear. :)

Q: How much access will we have to the game through APIs for third party applications?
A: Too early to tell.

Q: Are crafters different from builders?
A: No. Crafters/builders are the same but I use both terms since a crafter can't specialize and be great at everything, just like an RvR player.

Q: Is collision detection planned as part of the game?
A: We are still talking about it. Andrew mentioned that in one of his videos too. It isn't a technical challenge.

Sunday, April 21st

Michelle from CityState Entertainment hosted a great Concept Art Livestream (video below). f you haven't seen it already, check out Update #23 - Building a world Part 1. It has a lot of good information on building.external image 66819_504822099585290_217123718_n.jpg

Saturday, April 20th

Today was a big day with Update #22 that provided some more information on structure building/crafting. Also, Mark Jacobs hosted a Twitch.tv Q&A prior to the update. Saran has done a transcript of the Q&A which we will complete as soon as we update the site with all the great info received today. Also, Massively released a great Interview with Mark Jacobs on the new building update. It has a lot of information that isn't found elsewhere so read it!

Kickstarter Information

Mark Jacobs released a rough draft of the Mountain top tier!
MJ: Okay, here's my first pass at the mountain top tier. Again, FIRST PASS. :)
$3,000 DIGITAL ONLY - Two homes with a view
With this PLEDGE OWNER receives LIVING LARGE rewards and THESE UPGRADES:
  • Pledge owner is assigned a REALM-LOCKED PLOT on top of the Realm’s DRAGONSPAWN MOUNTAINS
  • RESERVED NAMING RIGHTS for a guild you start (unless the guild's name is trademarked/copyright by someone else)
Your mountain top plot will contain enough room for two (2) houses, one of which will be designed with the help of CSE (the LIVING LARGE tier rewards). Your plot will remain your property as long as the game is operating, even if the account goes inactive. While we guarantee that you’ll have a plot somewhere in your server of choice (based on when you backed this game), not all plots are created equal. Backers will be contacted based on when they pledged for Camelot Unchained and gave us their contact information. In addition, pledge owner receives SIX DIGITAL COPIES OF THE GAME (redeemable at the YOUNG HERO LEVEL ONLY). This tier will not be available after release. Estimated delivery of Internal Testing Access: January 2014.

Mark Jacobs Statement on Housing

Housing is NOT meant to be a money sink, not at all.

If you build your LL[Living Large] house right in the middle of a contested area, there's a good chance it will be burned down (as it should be) but there are also rewards for anyone (not just LL people) who build their houses in dangerous territory, in other words, homesteaders. :) If you want to take a risk by doing so, there will be rewards for that from the realm.

When it comes to the map (which I'll talk about next week), I think you'll understand why I am thinking this way.

Even though there will be limited (due to size) safe zones (cities), I never said that they can't be anything right next to the cities did I? It would not be impossible for raiders to get there but it will be a lot harder than you fear. Keep in mind my rather well developed cynical/paranoid nature when it comes to what players can do when they put their mind to it. :) It will be neigh on impossible for raiders to get through all that and even reach the cities. That's not what THIS game is about.

Part of your job as crafters and builders will be to build the first forts in this new land (this will make sense later). You will be establishing footholds, taming the world, etc. The world is yours to build but the way the main cities are laid out, they cannot be attacked as I've said from day one. Thus, places in the city are safe.

Travel times, obstacles, other things will slow down the enemy realms the deeper that they push into your territory. This is not WoW where you can run from one side of the world to another in no time. Even if tried, it would take oyu a lot longer that you think. This will limit the chance of raiding parties making it all the way through to the main cities and the area around it.

This is an RvR game which means that things get burned down BUT, some of you are thinking of CU as a tiny world where raiders can go anywhere and everywhere they want easily. That is your first misconception.

And BTW, limited doesn't mean 5 people. Just saying. Again, I can't emphasize enough that this is a big world. Please don't stress on the thought that your houses will be burned down every night. It isn't going to work that way unless your realm isn't working together at all. Also, burning down a house won't be like it was in the video of course. :)

Another thing to keep in mind is that this is going to be a big world. The smart realms will go out and build forts, towers, keeps, etc. And the purpose of those will be to help keep the settlers and their homes safe. Again, think big spaces, very limited insta-travel, etc.

As to housing safe zones, I have said many times that there are limited safe zones so... And BTW, did I ever say you can't have more than one house. :)

Also, as per the video, LL owners, don't worry. I rarely say this but trust me. You'll be fine.

Kickstarter Q&A

Building (Housing/Crafting)

Q: If we wanted to build a duplex with a copy of two blueprints copied next to eachother, could we do that?
MJ: Yes

Q: If we wanted to attach to someone else's plot making a joint building, is that possible?
MJ: Yes

Q: So for Living Large tier, from day one you can have your house built without requiring a crafter or materials and you get unique elements?
MJ: And you get lots of exclusive items for your house. It will be just as I described it.

Q: Can you have 2 different houses at the same time that were built using the same blueprints?
MJ: Of course! That's one of the reasons to have BPs[Blueprints]. :)

Q: Is a plot determined by the size and shape of the original structure?
MJ: Exactly. :)

Q: There will be a requirement for Living Large tier to pay to rebuild their houses because otherwise it would be pay to win?
MJ: That's my point. There is a cost involved in rebuilding as there should be. Not even close to P2Win

Q: Can crafters booby trap their houses to to cause damage to attackers?
MJ: Yes

Q: Can you build anywhere you want in the RvR land?
MJ: There are certain restrictions (you can't build on another realm members plot) but pretty much anywhere

Q: Can we build moats around our buildings?
MJ: Maybe.

Q: For the crafting, will there be blueprints mechanical systems for things like pulleys, springs and switches?
MJ: I haven't actually designed that deeply yet. OTOH[On the other hand], knowing what I know about Andrew, he will nudge me in that direction.

Q: Do you anticipate any potential benefits from crafters building their structures in clusters like towns?
MJ: As to crafter bonuses for working together, already in the plans.

Q: If crafters don't lose materials from dying, are you concerned about crafters suiciding after mining materials?
MJ: Suicide crafters? I guess it could be useful if they were deep in a mine but OTOH[On the other hand], who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of mines. The Veil knows MUAHAHAAHA. Reference to The Shadow.


Q: If you launched DAoC with 33 classes, why are you only launching CU with 15-18 classes?
A: Because I launched DAoC with 33 classes and paid for it forever. Every class in CU must be great. If it's not, I'm wasting all of our time and money. It's not 2001 anymore and I need to make sure that when this game launches, it won't be plagued with the same problem as DAoC was. Now, would I like to have more, yes. Will I promise more, not a chance. Quality over quantity.

Q: What do you think about crafters being the stealth class?
MJ: It is totally BSC[Crazy]. I'm not sure if I like it or not but it is BSC. I do like the idea of a stealth healer though, that is interesting.

Q: Will there be a Melee DPS class in the game or will that be a stretch goal?
MJ: Stretch goal most likely.

Q: If a stealth class was put in, would it be a melee class?
MJ: I'll say this, they would be melee based but the BSC[Crazy] part is really BSC.


Q: will people's screens fade to black when they die so corpses aren't providing valuable intel?
MJ: Corpse spying will be discouraged by mechanic and probably torches from the enemy. :)

Friday, April 19th

Good news! A Housing/Building update is due today or possibly tomorrow so stay tuned! If you have any user submissions, send them to leena4Cu@gmail.com

Quick Announcement!

Matthew (Guinness) over at RealmHerald.com had a great idea for a tweet campaign today. I am pasting what he wrote over at his site here:
Please help get the word out there for Camelot Unchained. This Friday 4/19/13 during the day, we can try to get #kickstartcamelot trending. Please help support CSE and get this game made. Add @realmherald to your Twitter account.

Kickstarter Q&A

Kickstarter tiers and updates

Q: There is some concern about adding tiers that might affect the game. Comments?
MJ: I'm just looking for additional big-ticket items that have zero impact on the game. I won't resort to thing like P2Win just to get tis funded, not a chance.

Q: Will players with the mountain top tier have their vendors outside their house?
MJ: The house couldn't have a vendor outside, just like the island, they are private by nature.

Q: How long will tiers be available after the kickstarter meets it goal? Also, will similar rewards be available after the game launches?
MJ: Probably 30 days for the tiers and our European backers. It might be longer but I really haven't decided yet. As far as rewards after the game releases, not most of them. Things like yearly sub, islands, etc. will not be available once the funding period ends.

Q: Many potential players may not fully understand RvR or what a PvP only game entails. Do you have plans to release some information for those players?
MJ: Yes, RvR presentations coming but for reasons that will be more obvious after tomorrow, I wanted to wait till the building presentation was finished.

Q: Will the "Name your Poison" tier be improved?
MJ: Eventually, I need to find the time.

Q: Will the Arthurian update be coming out?
MJ: Not yet. Still not there. :)


Q: Will there be places to explore for people who like to explore?
MJ: Part of the RvR players job early on will be to help explore the lands while they are fighting the enemies. And that's also where the Veilstorms come in. Chaos can mean new things open. :)

Q: Music is important in a game. Will you be hiring a dedicated sound engineer?
MJ: I couldn't agree more. As to hiring a full time sound designer, doubt it, it won't be in the budget. Probably will have to outsource.

Server Information

Q: Would you consider renting servers in the future for events?
MJ: Yes, I would consider it.


Q: Will there be guild emblems on cloaks and shields?
MJ: Thats the plan


MJ: Don't think of WoW. Think of the Hobbit.
Q: If groups of players were able to camp mines, then it would seem they could control the resources. How are you going to prevent that?
MJ: I thought of that which is why they can't be camped. Again, think of the scene from The Hobbitt. How would you camp that, especially since there will be so many mines out in the world?
MJ: Slowing mining + large mines = No B&Ming[Complaining] between realm mates as to who saw the mine first. I really thought this part through a lot and I think it solves a lot of problems.

Q: It seems the mines will satisfy some of the PvE fan's need for content like dungeon crawls, but the reward won't be xp and loot, it will be resources, bragging rights, and perhaps something to defend.
MJ: There ya go! [That is the idea]

Thursday, April 18th

For those that missed it, Gondram and Xirrin did an excellent Podcast with Mark Jacobs last night. We'll be updating various FAQ sections based on the Podcast but many of the questions were covered previously. It is a long Podcast at 2.5 hours. Saran has done a transcription if you want to read some quick tidbits so check out the podcast interview transcription!

Also, Andrew did a tech demo which had a few technical difficulties :) There was an echo problem at the beginning and Andrew's Mac had a few issues overheating while running the streaming software and the demo. From personal experience, sadly Windows on a Mac doesn't handle as nicely as OSX and can generate a lot of heat especially with doing a lot of heavy graphics. If you want to check out the 2 part demo, they are located here and here.

Q&A from FreddysHouse.com

Q: If the Kickstart fails to fund at $2 million, what would be your decision process on whether or not to run a second kickstart attempt?
MJ 1) Do I still believe that there are enough players who are interested in this type of game to justify my and others investments in this game?
2) If so, why did we fail to connect with them and how can we do it better a second time?
We've got some big updates coming up in the next 2 weeks and I think that they will set the tone for our success/failure. If what we want to do with crafting, building, RvR, etc. don't fill enough people with joy-joy feelings, then I doubt the answer to (1) will be yes.

Q: MJ will the 8 man rvr be just as important to you as the large scale rvr. Will skilled players have a good chance to dent a zerg? Will you encourage the 8v8?
A: Yes. I want the 8 man to be as important.

Q: Will area effect spells be capped to a certain amount of players?
MJ: While we aren't at that level of detail yet, my initial feeling is that we want to have a declining effectiveness of AoE spells as you more away from the epicenter of the spell. Whether this will purely be distanced based or target based is TBD. I can't see us going with a set amount, especially if it is a low number, especially for the more powerful spells/abilities. As you correctly state, if the number os set and too low, it makes zerging a more efficient method of succeeding.

User Submitted Q&A (Thanks to Michael Nolan!)

Question: How many character slots will players have in the game?
MJ: Each account will start with a minimum of the number of classes + 1

Q&A from Kickstarter

Upcoming Updates

Q: Any hint on what the update Friday/Saturday will focus on?
MJ: Building [Housing, etc]

Multiple Accounts

Q: Is there any concerns about crafter bots where people will create alts for crafting so as to not rely on other players?
MJ: Crafting is going to be very time consumptive if you want to be great at it. I'm not too worried about crafter bots.

Q: If I have 2 accounts because my daughter/wife want to play a crafter and if I login to my wife's account, would there be an issue with that?
MJ: I'm not going to even try to crack down on that kind of situation it would be pointless and impossible to prove. Now, 8 would be a while different situation.


Q: Will there be core healer classes in CU?
MJ: Yes. Pure healers are confirmed.

Q: Will we have a pure stealth class?
MJ: I do hope so but it will be a different mechanic than any other MMORPG I am aware of.

Game Name

Q: I think you once said the chance the name "Camelot Unchained" will be retained was like 1% or something. What would you put those chances at now?
MJ: Still at 1%

Falling Damage

Q: Do you have any information on falling damage?
MJ: We will definitely have falling damage in CU

Q: Since there is falling damage, any chance of including levitation type buff/spell?
MJ: Sounds like magic to me.


Q: If you are going to add any new kickstarter tiers, when do you plan to do that?
MJ: Next week probably

Q: Will there be more Kickstarter Add-Ons besides Founder's Points?
MJ: Maybe. We fund and then I'm willing to do tee-shirts, etc.

Server Population

Q: Will you go on record as saying that you will launch with only one server if a low enough population warrants it?
MJ: Of course. I'd launch with 1 in that situation but if that happens I'd be shocked.

Founder Exchange

Q: Will the Founder's Exchange be open post-launch or will we have to decide what we want ahead of time?
MJ: Post launch

Fan Sites

Q: Is there a fan site kit available or plans for one?
MJ: It's on our website


Q: any updates on possible subscription types?
MJ: Not yet. Will discuss them soon. There's a reason I'm waiting and it's not going to be a bad surprise, don't worry.

Game Mechanics

Q: Are you leaning more toward instantaneous movement acceleration, or having an acceleration/deceleration mechanic like was in DAOC?
MJ: I heard Andrew speak on that tonight. He wasn't there when we came up with that mechanic. I prefer acc/dec but he and I will talk about it. Having acc/dec offers me some additional gameplay advantages.

Q: Will there be bonuses to damage depending on weapon per specific armor such as slash +5% on cloth?
MJ: Yes, absolutely.

Q: Are you planning on making the realms more focused on one point of emphasis in combat? In DAOC Mid was melee focused but had casters, you could tell Hib was a Magical realm. Alb was more balanced but had the best armor with plate. Will we see something similar in CU?
MJ: Yes. Each realm will have its own strengths/weaknesses.


Q: Will we be able to build housing anywhere on rvr?
MJ: That's the plan.

Get to Know Mark

Q: Who is your favorite fantasy author?
MJ: I've had a number, way too many to name one. My current favorite author is actually a sci-fi author Iain Banks who unfortunately was just diagnosed with inoperable bladder cancer. So terribly sad.

Potential New Tier

MJ: I'm thinking of adding a new tier - $2,500[digital] - King of the mountain! Players would get a mountaintop estate. Smaller than the island but you have a great view of main city of your choice. Other details to be filled in. Don't know if the tier will be physical or digital. If digital it will be $2500, if physical more expensive. Not sure which is best for this tier.

Q: Will the Mountain Estate work like the Island in regards to the Owner allowing others to build upon the land and visit?
MJ: No, the estate is personal. Think of this as an LL with an outstanding location and other perks.

Wednesday, April 17th

A new race was announced late yesterday, Introducing St'rm! Check out Update #19 for more details. Mark Jacobs has also been answering questions on various forums but luckily I chased him down. You will see an extensive Q&A from yesterday and some from today. Also, I accept user communications so feel free to email me if you have anything that should be included: Leena4CU@gmail.com

Quick Announcement

I received this today: If anyone has a webcam - please record a video of you talking about what realm pride is to you and a memory you have of it or RvR please and send a email to jmajeroni@gmail.com as they are going to make a video with some of the in game footage and community stuff and try and get it out to get some backers!

User provided Q&A (Thanks to Aaron, Chad & Hellraise)

Q: Is crafting mats for the three realms going to be the same, and will the same combinations of things make the same types of items, or is it going to be more diverse? I know you love chaos in your crafting and I LOVE that, I hate knowing the exact mats to make x items and increase y. But even in some of the other games you worked on similar makes similar, and if there is going to be 3 separate crafting classes (one for each realm) how do you foresee making them different for re-playability across servers?
MJ: Most will be the same of course but there will be some unique mats.

Q: Can you give us a bit of an idea of how much creative input you are going to be taking from backers for the houses, inns and islands? Will it be design from the ground up within the constraints of the look/feel of the game, or more dressing up a pre-modeled structure?
Also, would it be possible once we get further along in development to have a list of source material the art team is using for building inspiration so we can get ideas from the same sources?
MJ: Island/Inn buyers will get the most interaction with us because of the price. In terms of LL owners, we will also work with them to get some unique touches for their homes as well as other things that I'll talk about in the housing update. I'll be interested in hearing what you think about it. :)

Q: are you in favour of collision or not? If yes, collision for all? Inter realm only? Tank classes only?
MJ: I am in favor of it but it is more complicated than that. We need to make sure that it works well, doesn't bog down the engine and can't be abused before we commit to it.

Q: What is your view of assistance macros like /face and /stick. They have their ups and downs, but is it something you’ll consult on or do you have your mind set on the topic?
MJ: Consult with our players.

Q: You said you wanted limited instantaneous/quick trips. If you've done horse trips from Camelot to Lyoness or beyond as many have painfully done in the past, you'll agree that watching your avatar on a horse for 10+ minutes isn't that exciting. Nor is waiting for TP under OF. Whilst many understand and agree with the rationale behind lengthier trips, do you have any gameplay ideas to alleviate the boredom of the wait?
MJ: Maybe. At the end of the day though, there has to be some delay or we end up in the same situation as has plagued other current MMOs.

Q: What is your gut feeling towards CU’s future skill tree: DAoC style (spec lines), D3 style (all skills open), Path of Exile style (massive tree skill open to all) or something else altogether?
MJ: Strict class definitions with flexibility within the class.

Q: How will you ensure that the strong realm doesn’t get stronger? And conversely, if there are bonuses to the underdogs, how to make sure it doesn’t simply overpower the underdog’s resident guilds?
MJ: Balance is a pain but we have to try.

Q: Where are the money sinks? If RvR produces money but there are no NPCs to take it back (all the economy looks to be player managed, based on what was said till now)?
MJ: Item decay, cost of goods, crafters, etc.

Q: Will housing be on safe ground or can you lose your house (and the objects within, like your trophies and furniture?) or only economic/military targets will be valid (mines)
MJ: Both.

Q: It is early, but how do you expect to manage early population peaks that normally occur at launch? Usually there is a demand peak at launch that require more servers, but as the peak fade servers become underpopulated and require to be merged.
MJ: More people per server, fewer servers.

Q: Can you be more specific with regard to localisation: as we understand it, everything up to beta is not localised, launch will be translated in French and German at least, but there will be French and German servers only if there is enough demand. Is that correct?
MJ: Yes. We will definitely localize in French/German but there has to be enough demand there to spin up servers.

Q: If the stretch objectives are not achieved, will they be released as part of future (free or paid?) extensions?
MJ: Absolutely.

Q&A from FreddysHouse.com

Q: Is there an update coming that has some RvR maps, Skill trees and/or Magic effects?
MJ: Most of that will be talked about before the KS ends. First we have a major update to get out for this week and then, well, RvR gets some loving.

Q: Will coordinates of various locations within Camelot Unchained be available?
MJ: We certainly won't have a GPS system in CU. Doesn't fit the game.

Q: Do you have any more information about housing?
MJ: The housing update will be Friday or Saturday but since you asked, all I will say is that you will be pleasantly surprised (I hope).

Q: Currently CSE is doing a lot of customer service, is this something you intend to keep up when the game has launched?
MJ: More actually. I've told our backers that we will have forums as soon after CU funds as possible. That's where the real fun starts and probably some forum PvP.

Q: Is human centered design one of the principles you are using? I am really interested in what methods/tools you use to get data from your customers/players
MJ: Right now the tools are talking to players. Once we really get going though we will have better metric tools than we had when we developed Dark Age (which wouldn't be hard since we had none) and hopefully at least WAR level (when they worked properly). It's important to me.

Q: Will Camelot Unchained be run by CSE[CityState Entertainment] worldwide or will Europe be dumped on some french company again?
There is zero chance that we will place our European customers in the hands of another company again. I did that twice, both times born out of the necessity for cash (GOA paid handsomely for the 2nd time) and I won't do that again even if someone made a great offer. I'm promising our US/European backers that we will run the servers ourselves. I haven't talked to any potential European partners and I have no intention of doing so. That's my pledge.
In terms of Asia, no decision has been made yet. If we had enough demand for a SEA-based server farm, we could do that but I'm definitely leaving open the possibility of working with an Asian partner.

Tuesday, April 16th

Mark Jacobs was busy this morning answering questions. I've compiled as many as I could find here. Ezzekhiel and Aaron were nice enough to share email responses from Mark. If you happen to get an email from Mark, let me know and I'll post it to share with everyone. Email: Leena4CU@gmail.com

Q&A from FreddysHouse.com

Q: Do you have any details on how you plan to reward people who prefer to focus on fighting other players (solo or grouped) versus things like keep taking?
MJ: We will have a very interesting mechanic to reward people. I've been referring to some of my ideas for Camelot Unchained as being BSC (Bat Shit Crazy) because frankly, I think they are as is the idea of someone investing their own money (as opposed to using all KS funding) to make a niche sub-based MMORPG in today's FTP[Free to Play] climate. I agree with you that you need to reward all players whose play style is not the same as other people as long as they contribute to ongoing fight. I'll be talking about this before the KS ends as it is complicated.

Q: The winged female race could be annoying if the wings open up with jumping, do you have further details on the race?
MJ: Understood. It's truly a prototype. Under normal (not Kickstarter) conditions, those races would have only been shown in concept art form. Because of the KS however, the team pushed to get it modeled, rigged, textured and animated. I like it a lot and there actually is a bit of a backstory I'm building behind it. So far, it's coming out well but it is indeed very early.

Q: Could the game be available on Steam?
Not likely because Valve wants a big chunk of the revenue. I respect that of course and Gabe's contribution to the industry is amazing but for now, we'll self-distribute via Torrent.

Q: Will each class have a mirror in one of the other realms?
MJ: No mirrors. Been there, done that. Never again for this type of game.

Q: I loved that in daoc if a caster was free to cast he could kill someone in seconds. On the other hand if he was interupted/CC'd he was useless. Will CU be similar in this respect?
MJ: As of now, yes.

Q: Which features from new MMOs have you enjoyed and will try to to include in Camelot Unchained?
MJ: Some of the classes in GW2 I found quite immersive through gameplay. I want a very fluid, smooth combat system. As to other systems, well, I'm curious as to what you will think about our housing/building update. In truth, CU intends to do without a lot of the modern systems that Dark Age/WoW/WAR/etc. added to MMOs. No AH, no GPS maps, no question marks above NPC's heads, etc.

Q: What updates are upcoming?
MJ: new race will be announced today. Not sure where she fits in yet but she is interesting. I think you'll find the housing/building update interesting later this week (unless something goes wrong).

Q: Where do Dragons fit in if there is no PvE?
MJ: That is one of the keys to the backstory which I will talk about in an update next week.

Q: How do you envision the tank role in RvR?
MJ: We need to give the tank class plenty of loving in an RvR-focused game for obvious reasons. As to the Guard mechanic or anything else, that's something that we will work out over the course of the Kickstarter. That's also one of the reasons I've been cautious in the number of classes that I'm saying will be in at launch. We need to make sure that each is special, fun and with a very well-defined role. Anything else is pointless.

Q: Will there be a speed class?
MJ: Speed class is 99% confirmed as the 4th of 5 classes per realm at launch. The only reason it is not 100% is, well, I'm trying to not repeat mistakes of the past.

Q: Can you expand a little bit on the game economy and the crafter class?
It's going to be more challenging for us because pure crafters can't really fight in RvR very well. They can die very well but not fight very well. Thus we will have to ensure that they can make money on their own, with or without crafting, to be viable. What I'll say for now (other than don't pledge until you hear more of course) is that:
1) Crafters will have access to certain money-generating resources that non-crafters won't. They will also be able to exploit these and other resources better than non-crafters.
2) Crafters will be able to make items for their realm. Not a grindfest of making 100,000s of arrows but a modest 10,000! JK. It will be much more reasonable and less boring.
3) Crafters will be able to provide services for their realm that can earn them money.
4) Crafters/Non-crafters will have other sources of income that I'll talk about in a future update.

Q: Given the focus on crafting does that mean we'll be seeing DAOC like stat caps?
Right now my thinking is a soft-cap system for all stats and abilities but this is something we will continue to talk about over the next few months, let alone years. I think a soft-cap with slow progression is the best way to go but like I said, I'm not committed to this yet.

Q: I think there needs to be RvR rewards to keep a game interesting. What are your thoughts?
MJ: I couldn't agree more and I'll add that the rewards have to be more than just another ability. I hate the word "holistically" but we do need to look at the entire game and see how we can get creative without rewards, drops and pats on the head. That's part of what I've been spending a lot of time thinking about in terms of progressions and frankly, fun.

Q: If money wasn't a factor, would have you involved PvE into this game?
MJ: If money, time, balance, monetization system and need for a publisher weren't issues, of course I would love to have both just as we did with Dark Age of Camelot. I would focus on RvR and let another team focus on the PvE but it doesn't work that way. I don't want to spend 5+ years making an MMORPG, I don't want to make an FTP MMO (though I don't have a problem with those that do) as I just want to make a very fun, RvR-focused game and take a ton of chances at the same time. With CU, I can take chances like The Depths and with other things we are going to announce. I'm not making this game to make a themepark, casual or mass market oriented game, I want to focus on making an outstanding RvR-focused game.

Q: Is it your intention to creating a game focused on the 'later' players, who purely played it for the RvR?
This game is really focused on both RvR-players and crafters at the same time. It's a weird sounding mix but I think it can work out very well. It's different but the more that I thought about where this game could go with that mix, the more excited I got.

User provided Q&A (Thanks to Aaron & Ezzekhiel!)

Question (from Aaron):
In regards to NA[North America] vs EU[Europe] and SEA[South-east Asia] servers, I have many friends in EU guilds from other games that always struggle with the choice of playing on a local server for good latency, vs play on an NA server with friends. Have you looked into the possibility of clustering servers where you could have local servers running the game for EU, NA, SEA etc, but have them behave as a single world so we could get global coverage? Having global servers for RvR makes things much more interesting than the late night PvDoor that can happen on regional servers, but I know the latency is a big issue, so finding a way to get the best of both would be an amazing feat!
MJ: In terms of clustering, yes. We can easily spin up servers in Europe if there is enough demand for it. My concern is whether there will be enough support from our European players to justify that though. I hope there is enough support but only time will tell. As to whether they will be global in the sense of shared accounts, absolutely. In terms of servers for SEA, that's a little more problematic (demand) but I'm open to it of course.

Question (from Ezzekhiel): I would like to know how you're going to handle the "end game" PvP. I have played EvE and GW2 a lot though, and here are my thoughts concern. GW2 offers a 3 realm RvRvR system, but in my eyes it's not really interesting since the minute you leave a castle to take another one you can have a Zerg host taking it back again. Now in EvE, when you attack POS (Player Owned Structures, which allow to tag a system) you have to bash the shields. At I believe 10 %, the structure goes into "reinforced mode" and becomes invulnerable for 24 hours. This allows the defendants to repair their defenses and organize themselves knowing the aggressors will probably return the next day to finish the job. While bot systems have advantages and disadvantages, I believe that a gameplay that allows for players to really fortify and organize a defense, and thus also better organize attacks is more meaningful and feels less random. That's one of the reasons I am so much disappointed in GW2 RvRvR, it just feels senseless and bound to "bigger numbers win". On the other hand, while I believe the 24 hour invulnerability works for EvE, I'm not sure it would be fitted for a faster paced MMO like CU.
MJ: Yeah, we considered the invulnerability issue but not sure that we liked the mechanic. We may have a better idea that hopefully we'll talk about soon.

Kickstarter Q&A

Upcoming Reveals

Will any new races be shown and will they be Arthurian?
MJ: Actually we will be showing a new female model tomorrow but she won't be a TDD.
MJ: No, the female is definitely not an Arthurian (maybe). :)


Q: Is there going to be a race that is available to all 3 realms?
MJ: Nope.

Q: Will there be a feline race?
MJ: No decision on puddy-tats yets.

Q: What races are being considered?
MJ: We're pretty wide open race wise at this point. I want to get backer feedback on some of the ideas and I certainly what you guys to pick 1 per realm.

Q: What realm does the new race referred to as St'rm belong to?
MJ: I honestly don't know yet. There is a backstory behind her that I'm working on so...


Q: Will there be a ranger class? [Leena's comment: This is a known stretch goal and I would expect that the answer is based on that]
MJ: There will definitely be archer like classes.

Q: Any decision if the DPS classes will be ranged or melee for each realm?
MJ: Ranged mage types at a minimum

Q: Will there be a friar-like class?
MJ: Who knows what classes we will come up with.

Player owned Inns

Q: For NPCs in my inn, would it be possible to make the females wear somewhat less clothes?
MJ: It certainly is not out of the realm of possibility. It's an inn as long as we give the owner the right not have males dressed the same way. :)


Q: Can I put a Wee wolfs head on my wall in Camelot Unchained?
MJ: If you can find a Wee Wolf. :)

Horizontal vs Vertical Progression

Q: How much of the progression do you plan on making vertical?
MJ: Much more horizontal and slow leveling. I don't want people to max out in 30 days and be gods to newbies. Boring.

Q: Will there be hard or soft caps for stats and horizontal or vertical progression?
MJ: We have a soft cap and horizontal progression.

Q: Will there even be a numbered leveling system in the traditional sense? Or are we looking more at a RR-style progression?
MJ: It's a bit of a hybrid system actually.

Kickstarter progress

Q: Do you have something up your sleeve that will get more people involved?
MJ: I certainly hope so. Let's see what happens after Friday/Saturday reveal.

Kickstart tiers

Q: When a tier states that I get 2 extra beta invites, does that mean 2 total?
MJ: 2 extra beta invites means you get your beta and then 2 more.

Q: What do you think about the fact that all IT[Internal Testing] are sold out?
MJ: I'm glad I didn't put more in.

Game Hacks

Q: Will you come down hard on people using hacks?
MJ: We came down so hard on hackers/gold sellers we got into one lawsuit. Now, I'm not saying we were great at it but during my Dark Age days, we were pretty hard core at going after people.

UI Customization

Q: Will you support addo-on/plugins like War did? Custom UI and other?
MJ: Yes. You should listen to Andrew's update on our UI. You might like it a lot.

Character armor

Q: Some of the released pictures reveal characters that make them look like peacocks, will all characters be like this?
A: Well, the TDD is a big fellow and the Viking female wanted to wear feathers/scale according to our female concept artists. :)

Q: If a character wears less armour, do they take more dmg?
MJ: I actually said that in one of my Foundational Principles (less armor = major medical).

Q: Will there be silly armor such as ultra mini skirts?
MJ: Mini-skirt armor in CU? Not a chance. Check out our Viking female as an FYI


Q: Will crafters be able to make consumables? And, will non healing classes have a small heal ability?
MJ: yes and no.

Internal Testing

Q: I can dedicate like 4-6 hours during the week for Internal Testing and more on weekends. Would that be sufficient?
MJ: 5-6 hours is fine, especially at first.

Founder's Points

Q: Can I spend my Founder's Points already?
MJ: Not yet. The Founder's Exchange doesn't open till the game does. You'll have plenty of time. :)

Monday, April 15th

We expect another busy week for the CSE team! There were some updates made to the Kickstarter tiers which I will cover here. Also, a new foundational principle was founded in Update #18 so check it out!

Kickstarter Tier Modification

The following changes were announced under "Our Bad" on the Kickstart page:
  • $75 “I LOVE TCHOTCHKES” Tier – Added 10 FPs.
  • $175 “PHAT LEWT” Tier – Added 25 FPs, discount sub rate now at 7%.
  • $250 “WARRIOR FOREVER” Tier –Added in-game thanks and 5 FPs.
  • $250 “PHYSICAL PHAT LEWT” – Added 30 FPs, +3 additional months of subscription (9 months total), discount sub rate at 7%.
  • Changed description of 3D model to miniature for consistency across tiers.
  • Guild Name + Links on home page added to multiple high level tiers so backers can reserve a guild name (guild pledge tiers get priority).
  • Please note: By adding 30 FPs to the Physical Phat Lewt pledge, every tier that depends on it (Sign Right Here, Handily Done, etc.) will also receive an additional 30 FPs!

RealmHerald Q&A

Matthew aka "Guinness" at RealmHerald.com sent Mark Jacobs a few questions. Wander over to www.RealmHerald.com for the official Q&A and other news.

Q: How has CSE felt about the backer/community support so far. Does the passion discussed on the Kickstarter comments page make you surprised by post count compared to other projects.
MJ: Our backers have been outstanding, I couldn’t ask for more. A little surprised but happy.

Q: Would CSE be open to discussion on future Fansite kits assets in the future?
MJ: Yes and we already have one:http://camelotunchained.com/en/community-sites/

Q: After launch would there be a player/founder council to help with community questions and ideas. As well as help CSE choose update and expansion ideas.
MJ: Maybe but that’s why we have our backer’s forums.

Q: For fans that would like to meet the Dev team in person, would you have a prescence at future industry events. IE Pax East, Pax Prime, Dragon Con. In the future (2014)
MJ: Yes

Q: Did the higher tier packages sell out as fast as you expected, was there one tier you would have love to included, but could not.
MJ: Faster than I expected actually. Yes, but I didn’t think of the tier until 1 week into it.

Q: Finally the Founders Exchange, how close to the end of Kickstarter will details be made available.
MJ: Very close unfortunately. We had some illnesses/issues that have slowed us down a little.

Kickstarter Q&A

Backer's Housing

Q: For Living Large, is there enough flexibility to allow Backers to either place their houses together in Backer's neighborhood of sorts, or off of the beaten path if that is their preference?
MJ: Depending on the location, sure. Makes easier targets for the other realms! :)

Hybrid Class

Q: Are there any details on the hybrid class?
MJ: No decision yet but I'm leaning towards a sound using class.

Sunday, April 14th

Mark Jacobs popped onto the comments section to answer a few tidbits for us today. We expect that the team will get a slight reprieve today so not as many questions answered but I'll dig up what I can.

Kickstarter Q&A

Game Music

Q: What about the music? Any ideas about the original score?
MJ: I want a kick-ass score. Will we be able to afford one is the issue. I'm a major movie music buff so...

Race/Class Combinations

Q: Do you plan on limiting some race/class combinations?
MJ: No limits at the present time.

PvP and non-killing related tasks

Q: Mark has indicated in the past that there would PvP related rewards for reaching certain goals, perhaps burning an enemy building. I asked if there would be tasks which would reward players such as scouting enemy territory and Mark gave a quick answer:
MJ: Yes.

Pure Casters

Q: One of the backers lamented the fact that very few games have pure/real casters these days to which Mark commented:
MJ: Just as I want to make the archers more archer-like as less "mages with bows" I want to make the mages, more magical. Will be interesting. I expect you'll think we will have real casters here.

Stealth Class

Q: One of the backers mentioned that they wanted a good stealth class and Mark commented:
MJ: All I can say is that if I put in stealthers, they won't be lame, period. I'd rather not put them in then put in something lame. That is the exact opposite of what CU is all about.

Paypal funding

Q: How much time will it take to set up the PayPal option once we are funded through Kickstarter?
MJ: No matter how much time it takes, we will keep it open post-funding to make sure that those who didn't/couldn't pledge via cc will have a chance to pledge.

Founder's exchange

Q: Can you explain what the founders store items that have their costs listed as 10-100?
MJ: I'm keeping them vague for now because a) they will change after we fund (bonus!) and b) because I don't want people adding to their pledges now. As everyone here has heard me say "We need more backers, not additional generosity from our current backers (since they have been so great so far)."

Color blind friendliness

Q: Will this game be color blind friendly?
MJ: I'm certainly cognizant of that issue but I'm happy to hear what other people, such as yourself, think we should do. It's something we talked about even with March on Oz.

Race class number at launch

Q: Apparently there was some confusion in the forums as to whether 2 or 3 races would be available at launch. Mark clarified:
MJ: 3 races per realm (minimum) at launch.


Q: Can we have horses?
MJ: Maybe but I want speed buff class to be better than mounts. Mounts would be more useful for carrying capacity though.

Alternate funding sources

Q: Mark was asked about getting funding from wealthy contacts and responded:
MJ: Unfortunately, the max pledge for KS is 10K per KS rules. As to having celebs and wealthy backers, well, part of this KS is to gauge interest from the community. Bring in wealthy backers would really distort things. Plus, I want to make this game, not somebody else's game.

Kickstarter - auctioning

Q: Mark was asked about the possibility of having an auction to attract people to lower dollar tiers. Mark responded:
MJ: I'm not sure that would be legal because we don't have anything to give them yet.

Saturday, April 13th

Yesterday with the announcement of The Depths, there was a lot of excitement. Update #17 addressed a lot of questions about "The Depths" and I added those to the end of this thread as well.

Kickstarter Q&A

NPCs in The Depths

Q: One of the backers asked about whether there would be some truly scary characters in The Depths rather than the same old stuff we've seen in other MMOs. Mark has the following to say:
MJ: That's part of the plan. Because we don't have as many NPCs to worry about, we will have resources and the willingness to go more than a little out there with the Depths.

Inspiration for The Depths

Q: There was a lot of discussion about the influence for The Depths artwork including HP Lovecraft, which brought about this following comment by Mark:
MJ: Giger's work is awesome, big fan. My instructions to the artists will be to take Giger + Fantasy and make a baby..

Control of The Depths

Q: One backer asked about taking control of The Depths and whether the goal was for crafters to set up traps and then leave. Mark commented:
MJ: I'll see if I need to clarify my explanation in an updated video. No, you don't just craft the traps and leave. You can choose to do that of course, but the control mechanism is not the same as Dark Age. The Depths is alive so it's a bit more, complicated.

Player controlled NPCs

Q: Question: Have you come up with a term for when players get to be the npc in the Depths?
MJ: Cosplay! JK[Just Kidding]. No, I don't have a name for it yet.


Q: Crafters as a class as well as crafting with other classes seems to take a vital role in Camelot Unchained. There was some concern about shortages of crafters to which Mark had the following to say:
MJ: I think that we will have more true crafters in this game than people might expect, a lot more.

Battle Grounds

Q: Any plans for Battle Grounds?
MJ: No plans for BGs except possibly for the newest players.

Update #17 Q&A

The Depths and Balancing

Q: Won’t TD just make the game more unbalanced assuming that rarely are all three realms numerically balanced? How are you going to handle this?
MJ: This is certainly a major concern of ours as well because in a persistent, open-world, non-instanced multi-realm MMORPG, the number of members in the realms is never going to be equal and sometimes, the numbers can be very out of balance. To deal with this, let's start from the beginning and that TD is a living entity, it is not a static dungeon. We intend to use its innate hostility as one of the ways to help even the score. Secondly, the control mechanism of TD is also not going to be based solely on older MMO concepts, such as were used for Darkness Falls. Finally, TD is going to be very large (just as our world is) so it won’t be all or nothing. Now, these are only some initial thoughts, we’ll have a bit of time to work on this over the development cycle of course.

The Depths and PvE type grinding

Q: Will we have to grind PvE NPCs in TD? I thought you said “No PvE leveling or loot drops!”
MJ: No and I did. ☺ The vast majority of NPCs in TD will be players and/or non-bosses. These NPCs will be more of an annoyance (unless it is a PCM) and are not there for grinding. Even the NPC bosses aren’t a huge challenge, unless a PC is controlling them. Also, the common “Kill the boss 10 times and hope for one good drop” mechanic, there is none of that in TD. You’re killing the guard dog, the treasure (forge, mines, etc.) are there, no randomness applied.

The Depths and NPCs

Q: Can you level in TD by killing NPCs?
MJ: No. If you kill PCMs[Player-Controlled Monsters] you will be rewarded and to incentivize the other realm, they will also level by killing you. As the level of PCM increases, the player controlling it can also pay a penalty if they just stand there and let you beat on it.

The Depths and upgrading NPCs

Q: Can crafters upgrade the NPCs in TD?
MJ: Maybe. ☺

The Depths and sharing of resources

Q: How are materials going to be shared from TD? This could end in tears and hurt Realm Pride no?
MJ: Yes, it would if we were foolish enough to do it that way. We’re not going to be running a scarcity-based system (limited mines) in TD and then cripple it more by making the scarce resources even scarcer. There will be enough minerals per mine for all your crafters to share in because the harvesting of these minerals will take time. Forget the MMO trope of using your pick to grab the materials and then they go bye-bye and forget loot drops as well. Your entire realm is your team and we need to make sure that TD helps, not harms Realm Pride by having crafters fight over the materials.

The Depths and MPCs[Monster Player Characters]

Q: Will any of the MPCs[Monster Player Character] in TD drop items?
MJ: No, you might be able to salvage some stuff (materials) but the whole loot/leveling system will be discussed in another update. Get ready for another interesting ride with Mark on the BSC[Crazy] train.

The Depths and instancing

Q: Will TD be instanced?
MJ: Not a chance in…

The Depths and Cameras

Q: Will the cameras in TD be streamed, captured, etc.?
MJ: What would be the fun otherwise? I see a whole lot of funny videos coming out from TD. Dark & Scary place + traps + players = LOL.

The Depths and structures

Q: Can structures you build in TD be destroyed by the other realm?
MJ: Of course, it’s fun!

Logging out in The Depths

Q: What will happen if you log out while in TD?
MJ: Depends actually on whether you side controls it and how TD feels about that. I kid you not, I do want to create a real personality for TD, part Giger, part haunted house, part, well, you’ll find out.

Friday, April 12th

Today was a big day with the announcement of the Stretch Goals including the information about The Depths. It has been a busy week for the entire CSE team and not as many questions were answered today but I will cover items that were addressed.

Kickstarter Q&A

The Depths

Q: Obviously there were a ton of questions regarding The Depths and although Mark didn't directly address any of the questions just yet, he did make one comment:
MJ: One thing I will add about TD(The Depths). It is alive. Keep that in mind at all times when you think about RvR/PvE etc.


Q: Another backer asked about the possibility of Dueling and allowing players to bet items as part of a duel. Mark had the following to say on that topic:
MJ: Dueling in an RvR game,unless in an arena as part of a scheduled event, is not confirmed.


Q: Dragons have been mentioned a few times and have been speculated upon. One backer asked about the role of dragons in the game and received this comment:
MJ: I think most people will be surprised at how dragons fit into this game

Q: Another backer asked if each realm would have it's own patron dragon in which other realms would target. Mark commented:
MJ: In terms of dragons, nope. There's more to it than that. A lot more.

Graphic Details

Q: Another backer expressed appreciation for the attention of detail given in DAoC with little surprises like a muriel on a ceiling. When asked if Camelot Unchained would have similar attention to detail, Mark commented:
MJ: I intend to.

Guild Alliance chat

Q: Are you thinking of implementing a Guild alliance system/Alliance chat?
MJ: Possibly. My issue with things like general chat are widely know. For a game like this, an alliance chat is useful but I'm not sure how I really feel about it.

Options for EU players

Q: There has been some concern by those in EU regarding those that can't use Amazon to pay and thus be able to participate in the kickstarter. One of our UK players asked: What kind of rewards will be offered to EU players once KS[Kickstarter] funds?
MJ: Same rewards as here on KS[Kickstarter]. I didn't put up all the islands, inns that I originally had planned on because I wanted to save some for the European players. I have to be and I want to be fair.

Game Shares(aka Stocks)

Q: A hopeful investor had the following question: Will there be options for people to buy shares in CU?
MJ: I can't do that through Kickstarter. SEC would want to have a very serious talk with me and that's bad.

Number of Kickstarter backers

Q: If the kickstarter funds at $2+ million, but backers are only 12k, is that a concern for you and other backers?
MJ: No, not really. I know that whatever our number of backers, that if we make a great game, more people will join us. Look at the Torment Kickstarter. When Brian and nXile make a great game, I think they will sell a lot more copies than they had backers. Same for Project Eternity and others. Same applies here.

Founder's Exchange

Q: When can we expect some detail on what the items in the Founder's Exchange actually do, and why do some of them have variable prices (10-100)?
MJ: Further down the Kickstarter. We need to get some other things done first.

Kickstarter Afterparty

Q: Will there be a streaming afterparty after the Kickstarter ends and we are funded?
MJ: I hadn't even thought about that yet. I'm sure we can work something out.

Thursday, April 11th

Kickstarter Q&A

Support for Oceanic/SE Pacific/SE Asia players

What are you going to do to make this game as painless as possible for those of us playing with a higher ping?
MJ: Well, our current plan is to spin up at least some WC servers and if there was enough demand, we could put one in SEPAC [South East Pacific] but from what I've heard from guys there, playing WC[West Coast USA] servers is fine depending on the game. In terms of delaying with latency issues, fortunately, AM[Andrew] and I have been through this before. And you're welcome, I think I need to do stuff like this.


Q: Are there plans for an Assassin character at launch?
MJ: Maybe if we make stretch goals and my BSC[Crazy] idea for stealth works out.

Demo Machine Specs

During the demos, Andrew is clearly running a MacBook Pro which was revealed to be a 2011 model but Mark elaborated on the specs:
Model Name: MacBook Pro
Model Identifier: MacBookPro8,2
Processor Name: Intel Core i7
Processor Speed: 2.3 GHz
Number of Processors: 1
Total Number of Cores: 4
L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB
L3 Cache: 8 MB
Memory: 8 GB

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