"Don't think of it as Housing, perhaps a better word is Building"
"...the building system will feature a lot of different buildings and structures and not just houses. Our crafters will be intimately involved..."

Another thing to keep in mind is that this is going to be a big world. The smart realms will go out and build forts, towers, keeps, etc. And the purpose of those will be to help keep the settlers and their homes safe. Again, think big spaces, very limited insta-travel, etc. KS Comments


external image image-243780-full.jpg?1366493886Q: Will all classes be able to craft or just the crafter class?
A: All Classes will be able to do some basic crafting but if you want to be a great crafter, you will want a character or an alt who is a crafter class.

Q: Will Crafters be able to make consumables?
A: Yes

Q: Will you be able to hire guards to protect your town?
A: Yes

Q: What kind of buildings will be implemented?
A: The game will feature a lot of different buildings and structures.

Q: Will you be able to build anywhere?
A: That's the plan. Very few limits, such as not on another players 'plot' and height.

Q: Will players be able to build their houses in safe areas? RvR areas?
A: There will be some limited housing in safe areas. There will be more rewards for building structures in RvR areas.

Q: Who will be able to make blueprints and how else are they obtained?
A: Crafters can create them. You may receive them from or purchase/sell them from other players or even from the Realm itself.

Q: How many structures/homes can someone own?
A: MJ, as he said himself, never stated players couldn't have more than one home. This extends to all structures
external image 42f1ab6db51b972d00886766ad15a930_large.jpg?1366657599
although, if they go unkept for long periods of time, they'll begin to decay and be handled over to the Realm or even dec
ay to where it doesn't exist anymore. This is to allow the world to not be populated by structures/homes from users that quit long ago.

Q: What are prefabs?
A: Prefabs are constructs made up of a group of cells that the players can also place down in the world. Unlike cells, prefabs
  • Are not solid and/or filled.
  • Can be made by combining cells.
  • Prefabs can be added to other prefab to create a new prefab.
  • Simple Rotations – Major cardinal directions only.

Q: What are key points of blueprints?
A: The key points are the following:
  • Can be created from combined prefabs + cells.
  • Sometimes allow players to hire NPC builders (builder/player is faster, better though) to complete them.
  • Can be duplicated if permitted by creator.
  • Allow construction to proceed faster if multiple players work off the same blueprint.
  • Allow faster and easier reconstruct/repair.
  • Can be rated with crafters’ blueprints having a higher rating and RvRers a lower rating.
  • Can be sold/traded & discovered.
  • Can be approved by the Realm.
  • Can be used as a base and then decoration/decals can be applied.

Q: How does RvR and the building system fit together?
A: Here’s a summary of how RvR and these systems are intertwined:
  • Al plot have permission levels.
  • Players who capture a plot have to weigh the benefit of Salvage vs. Destroy vs. Capture.
  • Crafters are better at salvaging, and they gain bonuses for deconstructing.
  • Destroying a structure means less resources gained.
  • RvRers can build simple constructs to help in RvR. They can also repair, but not as good as crafters but better than NPCs but not as close to skill of a crafter.
  • All structures/prefabs have limited durability especially in RvR intensive areas.
  • Supply Lines are an important part of RvR as well. Players need to keep the supply lines open as long as possible to allow materials to flow.
  • The deeper players push into contested area, the better the rewards.
  • Structures (such as keeps) can be built free form or from approved plans. Plans can be submitted to the realm for approval.
  • Player can sacrifice structures to prevent them from falling into the hands of the enemy.


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